Has your Amazon seller account been suspended?

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It is very frustrating, and for many, it is their career. It is vital that your store gets back up and running, and you resolve any mistakes for the future.

Crafting an appeal plan is VERY important. You only have a limited number of appeals, and after each new appeal your reinstatement odds decrease.

We are here to offer you tips and advice during the appeal process (See our tips & advice page here).

Still need help? Want us to give you personalized advice, create your appeal plan of action, and help you greatly increase your chances of reinstatement? We will guide you through the entire process and help you get reinstated.

Checkout our reinstatement package here now!

We have helped many people get their accounts back up and running, and have spent lots of time working with Amazon and Amazon sellers with the suspension and appeal issues.

See what a few sellers have said about us:

After being suspended for a small violation of 2 listings out of the 100+ products I had listed, I sent in an appeal, which got denied.  I then spent hours crafting a detailed plan of action, which got denied.  I asked around for more help, submitted another appeal, which got denied, and I got the final decision notice.  In desparation, I contacted AMZSuspension.com. They pointed out some things to resolve, and within a few days the account was reinstated.

If I look back, I would have got more help from the beginning.  In situations like these, I think it is best to leave the work to the experts.  Thanks guys!
– James – Chicago, IL


Excellent advice and service. Well written, professional, quick, and successful. Thanks for getting account back up and running
– Karon – London, UK

Browse around our site, research as much as you can.  Still want our help? Please ask us, we have experience and we are here to help you.