When your account is suspended, it can be frustrating. We’ve put together a few tips below that we’ve learned over the years dealing with suspended accounts that will help you.

1) Be patient from the beginning. When you receive the suspension notice, don’t appeal right away.  It is easy to just appeal quickly saying you disagree, or apologizing, or throwing together a quick plan of action.  It is important you do your research first before appealing. We can help you with your appeal, see here.

2) Seek all the advice you can, and always get a second opinion.  The Amazon Seller forums often give poor advice, but it doesn’t hurt to at least ask for help.  You never know who might jump in.

3) Stay patient.  If your first appeal was denied, stay patient.  Review the suspension notice again, as well as any other warnings.  Modify your appeal plan before sending it, and try to address things more clearly.

4) Understand the rules. Regardless of the suspension reason, Amazon wants you to admit the mistake, and follow the rules.  Their page on it here is helpful. Note that even if you were suspensed for a false claim or bad reason, just follow what they want you to correct.  It is imperative you change whatever they suggest, regardless of how valid the reasoning is.

5) Before submitting the appeal, take a break or sleep on it.  Re-read it afterward to ensure you included everything and didn’t say the wrong thing.

6) Make sure the appeal letter is clean and concise, and to the point.  Don’t add unnecessary stuff, but ensure everything is covered. Be sure to be specific to the suspension notice cause as well as any other warnings you received.

7) If the suspension was due to someone filing a claim on one of your products, make sure you contact the business/person who filed the claim.  It is very important that you resolve the issues with them prior to working with Amazon Seller Performance.

8) Here is a good article worth reading a some myths and facts of Amazon Suspensions.

9) Still need help? Contact Us and let us help you. We have a lot of experience in dealing with these issues, and our price is a low, flat fee.

You can checkout our reinstatement page here.