Our goal is to help you. While you often can resolve it yourself, it is important to do it right.  We provide as much advice as we can on this site, and we are also here to help you via our paid service. We have experience dealing with Amazon suspensions and appeals.

It is our goal to identify the problem, come up with a plan to resolve it, a plan of action to prevent it from happening again, and ultimately get your account reinstated. The sooner you contact us into the appeal process, the higher the chances are of reinstatement. We’d recommend contacting us prior to submitting your first appeal, although we can help at any point.

We will guide you through the entire process until reinstatement is achieved. We are hear to help, with:

  • High success rate – most of the time we can get the account reinstated.
  • On time delivery guaranteed – we don’t waste time and work to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
  • Your privacy is important.  We won’t need account access. We rely on the details so send us.

You only have a few chances to appeal your account, so be patient.  We have got accounts reinstated after several failed appeals, so contact us if you need help.

We have helped reinstate accounts that have received a negative “final decision”.

We are here to help.  And we charge a flat fee of $149.99 to help modify/write your appeal letter, as well as give advice on what to do next.

You can pay by clicking the button below. After paying, you’ll be redirected to a form to send us more info.  Click on the “Pay Now” button below to get started!