With the permission of Amazon, you can have multiple brands, and therefore multiple accounts.  Amazon links them in their system such that they know you own all the brands.  After we had 1 account suspended for a false violation, all of the accounts and brands were shut down.  We appealed several times with no luck, we were determined to connect with other sellers who had similar issues.  Even after getting the dreaded “we may not reply email”, we got our account reinstated and have been selling successfully since for years.  It was a big learning lesson for us, and we recognized a need for sellers to get help during this process.

We know what it is like to have your business shut down over night, and it is our goal to use our information to help you.

We have extensive experience dealing with Amazon seller suspensions and appeals. We are very successful at getting seller accounts reinstated, and help you get your business back in order. It can be difficult to do, and you don’t want to make too many mistakes.

We can prepare an Amazon appeal that will certainly increase your chances for reinstatement. The sooner you contact us into the appeal process, the higher the chances are of reinstatement. Even after Amazons “final decision”, we have helped many sellers get their account back by establishing communication with Amazon and creating a successful plan.  Contact us today and let us help.